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We build brand experiences
for a digital savvy audience

What we do best

Hi. At Barnyard we are at our best when we help people. Advertising & marketing people, mostly, with a frown that says: ...

‘How does my brand connect best with this digital savvy,
always on-the-go, customer?’

Our favourite question. With multiple fun, new and effective answers. Answers that deserve an integrated approach and a kick-ass execution.

We’re all about true experiences that stick, creating an engaged customer
and a long-term impact on your brand.

What we do best
  • Thinking
  • Creative concepts
  • New business opportunities
  • Social mechanics
  • Touchpoint Optimisation
  • Digital innovations
  • Building
  • Brand utilities
  • Mobile apps
  • Campaign sites
  • Facebook applications
  • Digital signage productions
  • Spreading
  • Seeding
  • Display advertising
  • PR & community management
  • Content marketing
  • Growth hacking

Fast in-house development & design shop

Got your own ideas and just looking for a great execution?

We’ll make your ideas happen. Fast.
Thanks to our in-house design and development shop.
Or by teaming up with industry experts from our wide freelance network.


A selection of brand experiences we built.

Since we just started a few months ago, we are still working hard on a kick-ass portfolio. But below you can find some projects we are already proud of.

Don’t hesitate to ask us for additional information or demos from these & other projects.

Digital Signage Contest

To convert shoppers into fans and capture valuable data, we created an in-store contest experience.

Immediately after participating at any of the in-store touch screens, contestants received a notification on their smartphones to double their luck by sharing the contest with their friends on Facebook.

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Social Contest Platform

To promote the monthly featured brand at Pearle Opticiens, we built a social contest framework.

By participating in a multi-device experience on both Facebook, smartphones and tablets, participants got an overview of the brand’s optics and grabbed the opportunity to win one of their desired glasses.

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The results

These multi-device experience smoothly connected all the touchpoints with each other and ramped up a very nice number of participants, new fans and new consumer data. All of this thanks to built-in social mechanics that made participants spread the contests like wildfire.

Rock Rally Campaign site

Humo’s Rock Rally has a tradition of launching new talents, but who was a fan of the band before they went mainstream?

Mortierbrigade developed a creative concept where people could test if they where one of the first fans of the band and win concert tickets if so.

And we, we took care of the complete design and development part.

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Code contest

To promote the theatrical release of Divergent, Belga Films and Independent Films developed a special way to catch the attention of their target audience, using the DVD- and Blu-Ray release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

In the DVD case, buyers could find a unique code which gave them the chance to win Divergent goodies within a Facebook app on their fan page.

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Drop us a line

So, if you’re looking for a digital first - but not digital only- young, fun and ready to stun brand experience builder.

Drop us a line.
We’d love to talk, and put that frown upside down.

Connecting challenger brands
with challenging consumers

Clients we work(ed) for

  • Nieuwsblad
  • D'store
  • Weber Shandwick
  • Tv Vlaanderen
  • Belga Films
  • Spar
  • Veritas
  • Mortierbrigade
  • Humo
  • Dreamland
  • BBDO
  • Century 21
  • Independent Films
  • Pearle
  • De Standaard
  • Twizzi
  • Sanoma Media
  • Schoenen Torfs
  • Colruyt
  • Gazet Van Antwerpen

Working hard in silence
to let success make the noise.

What differentiates us

We involve

We don’t disappear for weeks. Leaving you in the dark and then hustling up a Don Draper response. No, we prefer collaborative workshops, brainstorms and meet-ups during several project stages.

We prefer freelance experts over inhouse generalists

We don’t believe in big agency structures filled with jacks of all trades. We prefer to stay small and hire freelance experts for every aspect in the project.

We are a small
#nomanagers agency

We solely work with the best people we know and trust. Which makes it possible to cut manager / overhead costs and make us more competitive than bigger agency structures.

We first do it,
We Then do it better

We apply The Lean Start-up Principles, turn ideas into working prototypes very soon and fine-tune the experience based on user's feedback.

We didn’t win
any awards (yet)

And that makes us try even harder to deliver remarkable work!

We might find you before you find us!

We might find you before you find us!

We are constantly thinking about campaigns, utilities or experiences that could help any brand achieve their goals or solve their audience’s problems.

So yes, we might even get to you before you get to us…

To get inspired is great,
to inspire is incredible.

What inspires us

Digital is not a channel, it’s a mindset

Digital is not a channel,
it’s a mindset

The most dominant companies, no matter the industry, are digital-first. Think Netflix over Blockbuster or iTunes over Tower Records.
So how can we take advantage of this trend in our work and with our own projects?

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The most brilliant idea is worth nothing without great execution

The most brilliant idea is worth nothing without great execution

Getting Real starts with the interface, the real screens that people are going to use. It begins with what the customer actually experiences and builds backwards from there. This lets you get the interface right before you get the software wrong.

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Utility marketing is The next great business disrupter

Utility marketing is The next great business disruptor

It’s not that traditional digital banner ads are entirely useless, but statistics show user engagement is alarmingly low. Now is the time to start developing brand experiences that make people’s lives better instead!

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